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Steve Hamlet | 221st Military Intelligence Battalion: Alpha Company - Army

2:01   |   Described as his “claim to fame,” Steve Hamlet gives an account of a yearlong mission while in Kosovo, in which he tracked a supposed leader of several undisclosed groups. He was primarily responsible for stopping what would have been a disastrous attack on an undisclosed city in another country by this very same individual.


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Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Steve Hamlet  |  N/A  |  221st Military Intelligence Battalion: Alpha Company  |  7:52

    During his first enlistment with the Army, Steve Hamlet was sent to Honduras. While there, Hurricane Mitch, one of the largest class 4 hurricanes in history, swept through Honduras and destroyed entire neighborhoods and killed over 10,000 people. He gives insight on the truly horrific images of witnessing people float down the river and describes his role in rescue and aid for civilians during this tragic event.

  • Steve Hamlet  |  N/A  |  8th Space Warning Squadron  |  5:54

    After deciding to ETS (End Term of Service) with the infantry division, Steve Hamlet soon joined the non-deployable space operations in the Air Force Reserves. He gives insight on his experiences and his role in operations. He also gives an account of one of the more tragic experiences in which one of the space shuttles exploded on its way back to earth.

  • Steve Hamlet  |  N/A  |  221st Military Intelligence Battalion: Alpha Company  |  3:55

    After his time in Honduras, Steve Hamlet spent time deployed all over Eastern Europe where he was a non-commissioned officer in charge of military intelligence detachment operations throughout different parts of Eastern Europe. He was primarily responsible for source operations, where he established working relationships.

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