Preserving The Oral HistorIES of Combat Veterans

Additional Sources of Information

  • These unique photos serve as evidence of the Auschwitz mass murder process. Originally found by Lilly Zelmanovic, while being liberated from the Dora concentration camp, these are the only remaining photos that document this process at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

  • The Veterans Education Project trains Western Massachusetts veterans and military family members to share their stories in schools and public venues.

  • Site begun by Gene Slover to provide information about the US Navy, including information on ships, guns, publications, reunions, etc.

  • The Frontlines is a website that gives veterans and current members of the armed forces and their friends and families a way to share stories through videos, pictures, letters, songs, etc.

  • The Olmsted Foundation provides scholarship opportunities for young military officers to pursue a graduate degree in a foreign country, and fully immerse themselves in a different culture and language.

  • Golden Arrow specializes in the research of individual U.S. veterans. They can trace the steps of veterans during different time periods to show you where they were and what they did during their military service.

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