Preserving The Oral HistorIES of Combat Veterans

WTW Affinity Groups

The groups below represent organizations / units and their members that Witness to War has done multiple interviews with. We appreciate their service, and the support they continue to provide to Witness to War and our mission. As a ‘Thank You’ to these groups, we have created personalized pages dedicated to them and their members.

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    Joe Galloway, a war correspondent who became famous for covering the Battle of Ia Drang, recently partnered with the Department of Defense and began filming Vietnam War veteran interviews for the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War, along with assist...

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    The USS Yorktown (CV-10), also known as "The Fighting Lady," was an aircraft carrier launched on January 3, 1943, named in honor of the USS Yorktown (CV-5) that was sunk at the Battle of Midway. The Yorktown and her crew provided support for battles...

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