Preserving The Oral HistorIES of Combat Veterans


" When our perils are past, shall our gratitude sleep? " - George Canning



The cost of each interview includes the costs for the interviewer, equipment, editors, storage technology, DVD replication, website, general management and administration, and travel. While the foundation Managing Director, Tom Beaty, volunteers his time and his companies fund the overhead, donations help us expand our reach and directly contribute to the capture of more stories. Donations of any size are welcomed, and 100% of your donation goes towards preservation. Thank You!





Our biggest need is for editing support. We are performing so many interviews per month that we have a significant editing backlog. If you or your company have strong editing expertise and would be interested in helping take interviews with our combat heroes and turning them into compelling and captivating 2-5 minute professionally edited vignettes, please contact us.

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Are you or your corporation passionate about the price paid for our freedom? Do you see the preservation of these stories and the honoring of our combat veterans as a worthy and noble pursuit? Are you concerned that future generations will not appreciate the sacrifices of our veterans? If so, consider joining our team as a major donor or corporate sponsor.

Witness to War will develop a custom sponsorship package. For example, we can interview all of the vets affiliated with your company. We can arrange for combat veterans to speak at your meetings and events. Additionally, you and your employees can directly participate in interviews if desired.




If you share our passion and would like to explore becoming a Witness to War volunteer, please contact us. Volunteers can help identify combat veterans and arrange local interview days, provide transcription support, and in some cases, perform interviews in their area.







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