Preserving The Oral HistorIES of Combat Veterans

Additional Sources of Information

  • These unique photos serve as evidence of the Auschwitz mass murder process. Originally found by Lilly Zelmanovic, while being liberated from the Dora concentration camp, these are the only remaining photos that document this process at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

  • The Veterans Education Project trains Western Massachusetts veterans and military family members to share their stories in schools and public venues.

  • Site begun by Gene Slover to provide information about the US Navy, including information on ships, guns, publications, reunions, etc.

  • The Frontlines is a website that gives veterans and current members of the armed forces and their friends and families a way to share stories through videos, pictures, letters, songs, etc.

  • The Olmsted Foundation provides scholarship opportunities for young military officers to pursue a graduate degree in a foreign country, and fully immerse themselves in a different culture and language.

  • Golden Arrow specializes in the research of individual U.S. veterans. They can trace the steps of veterans during different time periods to show you where they were and what they did during their military service.

  • Film about the life of Augusta Chiwy, a Belgian nurse who assisted an American doctor in caring for wounded U.S. soldiers in Bastogne during WWII.

  • Aviation museum in Palm Springs, CA that showcases aircraft from the WWII, Korea, & Vietnam eras.

  • Museum located in Fredericksburg, TX dedicated to preserving the history of the Asiatic and Pacific Campaigns of WWII.

  • Museum dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of the U.S. Army Infantry. Located at Ft. Benning, GA.

  • Museum located in Quantico, VA that preserves and shares the history of the United State Marine Corps.

  • Combat cameraman, Ettore Porreca, ended up with the 98th Division in Japan following the end of WWII. During this time, he took pictures depicting post-war life in Japan, which are housed on this website.

  • Together We Served is meant to be a social networking site where service members can visit online forums to share their experiences and reconnect with old friends and brothers in arms. After creating a profile that details their service history and contains pictures of their experiences, veterans are able to access these forums and begin connecting.

  • Founded in 2001, The Rampa Foundation is dedicated to preserving and providing information about the unique role Natal, Brazil played in the history of aviation. In order to preserve the history of Natal in aviation, the Rampa foundation hosts a website that contains unique videos and photos, digital copies of historic newspapers and documents, and a plastic modelling group that creates models of airplanes that were based in Natal.

  • The World War II Foundation aims to preserve the memory of those who fought in history's largest conflict. The foundation creates documentaries that chronicle the personal stories of veterans and shoots these documentaries on site around the world. These excellent documentaries show experiences as varied as the Doolittle Raid and landing on Omaha Beach.

  • The Shadow Warriors Project is a charity that provides aid for private military contractors that were injured or suffered emotional trauma from their deployments into some of the world's most dangerous locations. Because private military contractors are technically civilians and not military personnel they don't receive the same support as soldiers, but often suffer from the same injuries. The Shadow Warriors Project offers financial support to help private military contractors receive the support and care they need.

  • Letters from home helped soldiers fighting in World War II remember what they were fighting for and keep pressing forward. Frank Mueller sent letters to and from home, which were preserved, and have now been published on this site to record his memory, and show the perspective of a soldier fighting during humanity's largest and most devastating conflict.

  • Maryville University aims to provide awareness and information in supporting our veterans with PTSD. The more you know about and understand PTSD, the easier it is to see the impact this condition can have on the military veteran individually and the family unit as a whole. Educating yourself about treatment options helps as well, and provides you with the tools you need to help yourself or a loved one overcome this sometimes debilitating condition.

  • According to their website, "The Georgia Military Veterans Hall of Fame, Inc. (GMVHOF) is a non-profit organization [501(c)(3)] that is based and incorporated in Georgia whose objective is to publicly emphasize the honor brought to our state and nation by the sacrifice of Georgia Military Veterans and their families."

  • Silent Professionals provides a job search service which is all free to the veteran. The site translates vet resumes into a language that civilian employers can understand so that former service members are able to find employment.

  • Founded by Marine veterans, Warrior Reunion Foundation assists military units, and Gold Star families, with planning all-inclusive reunion events.

  • Mi Alma (Spanish for my Soul) is the place to support grievers. Mi Alma makes it easy to share stories, pictures and memories all in one place for a family to celebrate a loved one forever. Additionally, they offer a Support registry that organizes the inevitable requests for Funds, Food, and Volunteers.

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