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William Weston | YMS 184

3:46   |   After the war, William Weston got hired on by the New York State electric company due to his knowledge from working on the battleship.


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  • William Weston  |  WWII  |  YMS 184  |  6:26

    Growing up on a farm in Alabama, William Weston remembers living a simple life. When the Depression came along, his family was affected by it but luckily received help from Weston's grandfather.

  • William Weston  |  WWII  |  YMS 184  |  7:42

    William Weston remembers his time at boot camp in Norfolk, Virginia. After his training, he went off to the east coast of the United States to start minesweeping enemy mines.

  • William Weston  |  WWII  |  YMS 184  |  6:50

    William Weston remembers minesweeping and how they would assist American ships navigate through minefields. There were many instances where ships would be hit by a mine and get sunk. He was also in charge of manning the large machine guns during a deployment in the Philippines.

  • William Weston  |  WWII  |  YMS 184  |  4:34

    William Weston remembers the invasion of Tarawa and some of the chaos that he and his ship had to deal with. Here, the conflict with the Japanese was brought to a head with both parties bringing a lot of firepower.

  • William Weston  |  WWII  |  YMS 184  |  8:21

    Being on the 20mm gun crew of a minesweeper, Mr. Weston had to think quickly after a nearby battleship was hit by a Japanese bomb during an inconvenient time for Mr. Weston. He received a Purple Heart for his injury, but not before heading off to fight at Saipan and Tinian.

  • William Weston  |  WWII  |  YMS 184  |  1:17

    William Weston remembers joining the Navy and getting sent off to basic training in Norfolk, Virginia. After finishing there, he spent 6 years serving in the military.

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