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3:37   |   1st Lt. Leo Goldner, who is Jewish, has an amazing encounter in the jungles of the Philippines.

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  • Benning School For Boys  |  WWII  |  Army  |  Download PDF

    Leo Goldner's experiences in Ft. Benning dealing with a tough tactical officer and teaching judo to a Colonel.

  • Call Me ''Doc''  |  WWII  |  Army  |  Download PDF

    Mr. Goldner describes a trip when he was supposed to return home, but instead, his ship was re-routed to the Aleutian Islands to help another ship. The exposure to cold weather caused many of the men to get sick, but Goldner nursed them back to health.

  • Early Experiences In The Philippines  |  WWII  |  Army  |  Download PDF

    Mr. Goldner relates his culture shock upon arriving in New Guinea and then the Philippines, and a time when he lived with a Chinese family to avoid the awful living quarters in a bombed out building.

  • For Me, Once A Jew, Always A Jew  |  WWII  |  Army  |  Download PDF

    Leo Goldner organizes a Seder in the Philippines for Passover after acquiring materials, food, and help from various sources.

  • From Jungle to Jazz  |  WWII  |  Army  |  Download PDF

    Mr. Goldner becomes the assistant to the Lieutenant in charge of entertainment for the troops, and has many interesting experiences with the entertainers including an attack during a performance.

  • I Disobey Army Regulations  |  WWII  |  Army  |  Download PDF

    Leo Goldner is working in an Army Replacement Depot when he disobeys regulations resulting in an interesting move to the Pentagon.

  • Sometimes Cheaters Don't Win!  |  WWII  |  Army  |  Download PDF

    Humorous incidents from Leo Goldner's assignment of being in charge of catching cheaters at cards and dice among the troops, and almost getting in trouble for accidentally cheating himself.

  • Surrender At Sea  |  WWII  |  Army  |  Download PDF

    Leo Goldner boards a Japanese ship and accepts the surrender of its captain.

  • The Black Kipa  |  WWII  |  Army  |  Download PDF

    During duty looking for Japanese combatants in the Philippine jungles after the Japanese surrender, Leo Goldner almost accidentally orders the destruction of huts occupied by hiding Jews.

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