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Juergen Tibcken | N/A

5:25   |   Volunteering in the officer's quarters in his town allowed Juergen Tibcken to become much more resourceful and learn valuable skills. Building relationships with these German soldiers was also essential for him and would open opportunities for him down the road.


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  • Juergen Tibcken  |  WWII  |  N/A  |  5:56

    Juergen Tibcken has a lot of interesting insights from his time growing up in Germany during WWII. Going to school under the threat of air raids was difficult for him and his family. In school, a lot of the teachers were Nazis that taught anti-semitism to them very strictly.

  • Juergen Tibcken  |  WWII  |  N/A  |  10:08

    Juergen Tibcken vividly remembers the problems they had as German citizens during World War II. Living in the major city of Hamburg, they had to face a lot of raids from English and American planes that was scary as a child.

  • Juergen Tibcken  |  WWII  |  N/A  |  8:09

    Juergen Tibcken remembers the war ending and the way that the environment of their town changed after the liberation of Jewish prisoners. Learning English and trading different good in this little town taught him how to be resourceful and eventually set him up to come to America.

  • Juergen Tibcken  |  WWII  |  N/A  |  7:08

    During the reconstruction of Germany, things were very hard for Juergen Tibcken. He quickly got a lot of responsibilities at a young age and finished his schooling. He applied for an American visa and left to the United States as a visitor and then never left.

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