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Bob Newton | 515th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 13th Airborne Division - Army

4:43   |   Bob Newton remembers a few of his fellow colonels, one of which is Colonel Jablonski whose plane was the one he rode in to deliver messages to other soldiers. He also talks about his usage of the M-209 converters, which were used as cryptography machines to send messages during WWII. To close off, he talks about his friend Eugene Cook, and finally about where our priorities should lie in how we treat our veterans. (This interview made possible with the support of ALBERT SMALL.)

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  • Bob Newton  |  Vietnam  |  23rd Infantry Regiment  |  3:51

    Bob Newton has many multi-war stories to tell, and here he talks about a significant attack from the Viet Cong on Camp Holloway. Following that he goes into a bit of detail of a war plane model known as the Caribou, and the significance of a large air base located in Bong Son, Vietnam. It was here that the few casualties following a battle at Quang Nihn came back to heal up and regroup. (This interview made possible with the support of ALBERT SMALL.)

  • Bob Newton  |  Vietnam  |  23rd Infantry Regiment  |  4:05

    Lieutenant Colonel Newton remembers Colonel Chuck, who was one of the men he fought beside. When Chuck was moved to another unfamiliar area, he felt very strongly about the decision and quit. He also talks about the tedious Montagnard recruitment process and how a whole 41 of them were assigned to his regiment with very little prior knowledge. Additionally, Newton remembers that he and his team would periodically have to patrol the area by foot and a few times by chopper. (This interview made possible with the support of ALBERT SMALL.)

Other Conflict
  • Bob Newton  |  Other Conflict  |  82nd Airborne Division  |  8:52

    Here Bob Newton talks about many more experiences he had, including an embarrassing close call from Vietnam where his chopper was shot down, then coming back to the states in 1965 and being assigned as Chief Executive Officer of the 82nd Airborne Division. He also helped test a new kind of quick release parachute, and went to Panama's jungle operations school to teach young Latin American kids how to live in the jungle. Finally, he became the director for the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. (This interview made possible with the support of ALBERT SMALL.)

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