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LTG David Barno | Multiple Units - Army

4:50   |   He grew up in a house full of military memorabilia and in the eighth grade, David Barno decided that not only would he become an Army officer, he would go to West Point. He immediately began to execute a plan to make it happen.

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Cold War
Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan)
  • LTG David Barno  |  N/A  |  Multiple Units  |  4:59

    Many of the instructors at West Point had served in Vietnam, recalls David Barno. The war was on the mind of every cadet and when Vietnam fell, they knew they would not be going there. This particular class would become known for the number of future generals it produced.

  • LTG David Barno  |  N/A  |  1st Ranger Battalion  |  7:55

    He heard of Grenada on a Friday and on Monday he was flying there. David Barno was a Ranger company commander who took part in the hastily put together operation. It was such a patchwork of units and plans that everything went wrong that could. It spurred congressional hearings that actually helped correct the situation.

  • LTG David Barno  |  N/A  |  1st Ranger Battalion  |  9:40

    It was assumed to be a one day operation, but it was on the the third day of action on the island of Grenada that David Barno faced his first combat. The Ranger company commander took away many important lessons from that chaotic operation.

  • LTG David Barno  |  N/A  |  2nd Ranger Battalion  |  5:03

    After attending the US Army Command and General Staff College, David Barno went to the 2nd Ranger Battalion as the operations officer. Preparations were underway at the time for Operation Just Cause, the invasion of Panama.

  • LTG David Barno  |  N/A  |  2nd Ranger Battalion  |  8:54

    It was freezing cold at Fort Benning, where David Barno boarded a C-130 with the 2nd Ranger Battalion to jump into tropical Panama. It was time to clean up a mess there and, unlike the chaotic Grenada operation, there was a rehearsal and a real plan.

  • LTG David Barno  |  N/A  |  Multiple Units  |  6:32

    The invasion of Kuwait was a heavily mechanized operation, so infantry commander David Barno watched that from afar. In the 90's, the Army was focused on various peacekeeping operations. Was that going to be their new focus? On September 11, 2001, it became clear what the new mission would be.

  • LTG David Barno  |  N/A  |  Combined Forces Command-Afghanistan  |  3:05

    Every Army officer has had mentors and for David Barno, it was not only men he had served under but men who had served under him. Since his retirement, he has been busy writing and teaching and remembering how his military career was the dream of a lifetime.

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