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  • Life With a Question Mark: Part 2


    Emmitt Tesch  |  Full Memoirs

    Part Two of Emmitt Tesch’s memoir which recounts the stories from the landing at Cherbourg to a non-combative injury.

  • Life With a Question Mark: The Beginning


    Emmitt Tesch  |  Full Memoirs

    The beginning of Emmitt Tesch’s memoir highlighting all of the events that occurred from training to D-Day.

  • Nagasaki Bomb Courier to Tinian


    William King  |  Personal Accounts

    This short summary highlights Lt. William King’s career, during which he was the courier of the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb core to Tinian.

  • Personal Experiences of WWII: Joseph Garofalo


    Joseph Garofalo  |  Full Memoirs

    Former Navy Seabee Joe Garofalo tells the story of his time in the 121st Battalion in the Pacific on the islands of Saipan and Tinian, among others.

  • World War II Experiences: Edward Oliver


    Edward Oliver  |  Full Memoirs

    Former Army Captain Edward Oliver tells the story of his landing on LeHavre and then his capture and time in captivity under the Germans.

  • WWII Mission Papers


    Frank Maturo  |  Diaries & Combat Logs

    Detailed account of missions flown by Frank Maturo as a side gunner on a B-26 bomber.

  • War Memories: Jessie Paul Gilleland


    Jesse Gilleland  |  Full Memoirs

    Jessie Paul Gilleland details his experiences in World War II in the Navy and then in captivity in the Pacific.

  • All Gave Some; Some Gave All


    Bob Sohrt  |  Full Memoirs

    Bob Sohrt recounts his time in the Marines on the Pacific front from his initial training to his injuries on Peleliu.

  • Chartres & Marseburg, Germany


    Frank Farr  |  Personal Accounts

    Frank Farr tells the story of his plane getting shot down over Marseburg, Germany and his time as a P.O.W. during WWII.

  • The Sinking of the Empire Javelin


    Frank Mueller  |  Personal Accounts

    Frank Mueller recounts the sinking of the USS Empire Javelin as he was on his way to France from Britain and then of his early time in France.

  • WWII Diary: William Marmion


    William Marmion  |  Diaries & Combat Logs

    William Marmion’s diary from his time aboard the USS Gregory in which he recounts his stories of battle in the Pacific during WWII.

  • What a Life: Part 2


    Frank Connelly  |  Full Memoirs

    Part 2 of Frank Connelly’s book, What a Life, in which he details his remaining time on the European front with the Army as a medic and his homecoming. Also included are pictures from his time in WWII.

  • What a Life: Part 1


    Frank Connelly  |  Full Memoirs

    Part 1 of Frank Connelly’s book, What a Life, in which he details his time in training, Italy, and France during WWII as a paratrooper.

  • Fresh Eggs for Breakfast


    Tom Harris  |  Personal Accounts

    Tom Harris recalls the Balikpapan Oil Field and Refinery Bombing Mission and the part he played.

  • German Surrender Order


    John J. McGrail  |  Personal Accounts

    The order issued to the Germans for complete surrender, effectively ending WWII on the European front.

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