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  • WWII Biography of Lt. Col. Roderick M. Stewart


    Roderick Stewart  |  Full Memoirs

    LTC Stewart talks about his time serving on a B-17 in the Pacific during WWII as part of the 19th Bomb Group. His recollections include flying into Hickam Field during the attack on Pearl Harbor, and his many missions out of Townsville, Australia.

  • Those Were the Days: True Experiences of a WWII USAAF B-17 Pilot


    Clyde Bramlett  |  Full Memoirs

    Clyde Bramlett talks about his time in the 8th Air Force during WWII; through training, combat, and his return home. He describes the missions flown over Europe, obstacles they faced, and the emotions that come with being a young man during war.

  • Henry Preston News Articles


    Henry Preston  |  Personal Accounts

    These two news articles describe the dramatic rescue performed by Henry Preston. After a jeep accident, Preston pulled two men from a burning jeep, while also catching on fire himself.

  • WWII Stories


    Michael Ruffolo  |  Full Memoirs

    Memories of Michael Ruffolo's time in the Army during WWII. As a member of the 137th Infantry Division, Michael witnessed death, destruction, and religion as a BAR man in the Pacific.

  • Without Glory


    William Robishaw  |  Full Memoirs

    William Robishaw shares experiences from his time in WWII as part of the ground crew for the 454th Bomb Group. In this memoir, he discusses the innovative nature of servicemen and the dangers of working around bombers.

  • Al Hunt's WWII Navy Diary


    Al Hunt  |  Diaries & Combat Logs

    Diary kept by Al Hunt describing his time on LCI 226 and LCI 72 during WWII, and landings at Morotai, the Philippines, Tarakan Island, and Borneo.

  • Battery Adjust


    Melzar Booker  |  Personal Accounts

    Melzar Booker tells of his time in the 420th Armored Field Artillery Battalion (10th Armored Division) in Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. In this account, he describes the freezing cold, loss of friends, and constant threat from Germans.

  • "B-29 Crew of Carl B. Sturm"


    Phil Sligar  |  Full Memoirs

    Memoir of Phil Sligar's military service during WWII (B-29 Crewman).

  • "A Trans-Atlantic Crossing" and others


    W.T. Block  |  Personal Accounts

    A collection of WWII stories by W.T. Block of the 78th Infantry Division.

  • Walter Jackson (Jack) Brantley-WWII Memoir


    Jack Brantley  |  Full Memoirs

    Personal memoir of Jack Brantley's WWII military service from enlistment to discharge (695th Armored Field Artillery Battalion).

  • Dad, What Did You Do During the Big War?


    Jim Paine  |  Full Memoirs

    Memoir about the military service of Jim Paine during WWII (Army, L Company, 399th Regiment of the 100th Division).

  • Warhawk: Letters From Out of the Blue


    Guy Denton  |  Personal Accounts

    Sampling of letters, which Guy Denton (P-40 Fighter Pilot, 57th Fighter Group) sent from N. Africa to his future wife. His letters give the reader a glimpse into life in the Army Air Corps.

  • Kilroy Was Here: Walter Sawyer


    'Kilroy Was Here'  |  Kilroy Was Here (A library of transcribed combat stories collected by a dedicated volunteer who prefers to remain anonymous.)

    Walter Sawyer recalls being a top turret gunner in a B-17 flying missions over Germany, and preparing the bombs to be dropped over the targets.

  • Kilroy Was Here: Tatjana Zhabko


    'Kilroy Was Here'  |  Kilroy Was Here (A library of transcribed combat stories collected by a dedicated volunteer who prefers to remain anonymous.)

    Tatjana Zhabko was a female soldier in the Russian Army. As a member of an anti-aircraft artillery battalion, she was in charge of searching for German planes at night, as well as, repairing phone lines under enemy fire.

  • A Journey with the Marines: Bougainville


    Roland Marbaugh  |  Full Memoirs

    The Third Marines are finally headed into combat, this time to Bougainville in the Pacific.

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