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  • Merrill Feldman's War Letters


    Dr. Merrill Feldman  |  Personal Accounts

    The following are Merrill Feldman’s letters mostly to his father Alfred Feldman during his time in the Army during the Second World War.

  • War Letters, June 1943 to February 1946 Aircraft Mechanic, M.A.G. (Marine Air Group) 31


    Lester E. Folkenson, Jr.  |  Full Memoirs

    Letters written home by Lester E. Folkenson, Jr. from 6/43-2/46. In them, he describes the living conditions, training, food, and time spent in various Pacific Theater locations. (Transcribed by John U. Rees)

  • The Battle for Saipan & The Battle for Tinian


    Russell Halsey  |  Personal Accounts

    PFC Russell Halsey (Co A, 1st BN, 8th Marines, 2nd Division) was part of the Marine Corps during WWII. In this personal account, he describes the battles of Saipan & Tinian; from the landings to the fierce fighting, and ultimately being injured on Tinian.

  • John Huneycutt: 530th Fighter Squadron


    John Huneycutt  |  Personal Accounts

    Collection of items from Lt. John Huneycutt from WWII, including squadron photos, a hometown news article, and a mission report that gives a description of John destroying a Japanese bomber. Lt. Huneycutt flew 2 planes; Anxious Ann and Cookie's Nookie.

  • Ralph Germeroth: Company E, 346th Regiment, 87th Infantry Division


    Ralph Germeroth  |  Personal Accounts

    Ralph recounts his experiences with the Army during WWII, which included a brief stint in the short-lived ASTP program, and fighting through the Battle of the Bulge and into Germany before being wounded by a German 88mm gun.

  • "Rangers Lead The Way"


    Leonard Ploeckelman  |  Personal Accounts

    Leonard Ploeckelman's unit descended upon Omaha Beach at 7am on June 6, 1944 amid German machine gun fire, & had to break through barbed wire defenses with a Bangalore torpedo. This document contains 2 articles about Leonard Ploeckelman's role on D-Day.

  • "Hey Pop! What Did You Do In The Marines?"


    Robert Kuklis  |  Full Memoirs

    Robert Kuklis served in the 2nd Marine Division in the Pacific Theater of WWII. This memoir details his time from joining the service in 1942, to battle on the islands of Saipan, Tinian, and Okinawa, and reflecting on what he'd been through.

  • Bevis Traylor's WWII Memories from the Pacific Theater


    Bevis Traylor  |  Full Memoirs

    Bevis Traylor's memories from his time in the south Pacific during WWII as part of the "Grim Reapers." Traylor was in the 13th Bomb Squadron, 3rd Bomb Group, 5th Air Force serving time in Australia and New Guinea.

  • Robert Hunt: WWII Machine Gunner


    Robert Hunt  |  Full Memoirs

    Robert Hunt was a machine gunner with the 34th Infantry Division, 133rd Battalion, Company M, serving in the European Theater during WWII. Starting in Casablanca, Robert eventually ended up in Italy, moving from Salerno to Cassino and north of Rome.

  • Curtis Banker's Military Memories


    Curtis Banker  |  Full Memoirs

    Curtis Banker shares his memories of growing up in rural NY during the depression, being in the Army during WWII (43rd Infantry Division, Pacific Theater), the Korean War (73rd Heavy Tank Battalion), and spending the Cold War in Germany, and the many lif

  • War Memoir of Leo J. McLaverty


    Leo McLaverty  |  Full Memoirs

    SSG Leo McLaverty discusses his time as part of the 66th Infantry Division (Black Panthers) during WWII, which included combat across Europe in harsh conditions, and nearly being one of the crew members of the ill-fated SS Leopoldville.

  • The War Years 1942-1945


    Robert Bowers  |  Full Memoirs

    Robert Bowers shares his Army memories from 1942-1945. As part of the 3rd Section, Co. A, 959 Field Artillery Battalion , he arrived in France 15 days after D-Day, and saw combat during the Battle of Bulge, among many other battles.

  • My Travels in ETO


    Sidney Otto  |  Full Memoirs

    Sidney Otto talks about his time in the 65th Armored Infantry Battalion, 20th Armored Division, which was stationed in Europe during WWII. This memoir was put together based on a notebook that Sidney kept with him throughout his service.

  • Harlan and The Navy


    Harlan Dahl  |  Full Memoirs

    Harlan Dahl discusses his time in training to become a radioman, and his experiences as a plankowner on the USS Soley during WWII.

  • WWII Experiences with the "Big Red One" (1st Infantry Division)


    Anthony Timpanaro  |  Full Memoirs

    Anthony Timpanaro describes several incidents he recalls from his time in the 1st Infantry Division, including his vivid memories of the D-Day landing and moving across Europe, finally arriving in Czechoslovakia.

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