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Bill Person | 553rd Reconnaissance Wing - Air Force

6:41   |   There were four sensors in a row on the Ho Chi Minh Trail and the trucks kept turning before they got to the fourth one. Intelligence Officer Bill Person decided there was a supply drop there and gave the target to the pilots. After lighting up the whole sky with that strike, the question came, "Do you have any more of those targets?"

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Cold War
  • Bill Person  |  Cold War  |  553rd Reconnaissance Wing  |  6:03

    According to Intelligence Officer Bill Person, we had World War III won before it started. That was because he had figured out every Russian target in the United States and the routes of the bombers which would hit them. Then, for good measure, he calculated when and where Russian spy satellites would be looking down.

  • Bill Person  |  Cold War  |  553rd Reconnaissance Wing  |  4:53

    According to Intelligence Officer Bill Person, the Cuban Missile Crisis was a ploy by Nikita Khrushchev to get the United States to remove it's missiles from Turkey, no more and no less. He succeeded but his country was still in the cross hairs of American military might.

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