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Debby Moore | Army Special Services - Army

4:16   |   Moore's experience coming home from Vietnam was pretty ordinary compared with the troops. When she got back, she started noticing early signs of post traumatic stress disorder popping up in her life that were triggered by things such as loud noises. She spent a few years teaching, but eventually went to Korea and worked for the Special Services again.

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  • Debby Moore  |  Vietnam  |  Army Special Services  |  4:50

    Debby Moore grew up in Stockton, California. Although her father was the commander of a B-29 in World War II, she originally had no intention of following in his footsteps. She entered college at the age of 17 and eventually found her way into the Special Services for the US Army.

  • Debby Moore  |  Vietnam  |  Army Special Services  |  5:44

    Once she joined the Special Services, Moore essentially already had a one way ticket to Vietnam. She landed near Saigon, and had to undergo orientation for a few days. She learned to default to the ways of the army, such as telling military time. She remembers that the men and women shared living space, which was highly uncommon in the 1960's considering most college dorms were separated by gender.

  • Debby Moore  |  Vietnam  |  Army Special Services  |  4:33

    Debby Moore will never forget the mortar attacks she heard off in the distance. It eventually became so common that she began to easily tell the difference between incoming and outgoing mortars. When they got a new doctor, she had to help him calm down when he thought outgoing mortars were incoming. She also talks about the dangers facing women in country, which people often don't know about.

  • Debby Moore  |  Vietnam  |  Army Special Services  |  4:48

    Debby Moore had a few tough assignments, but the hardest one for her by far was her first one with the medevac unit. While over there, the mascot dog turned out to be female and had puppies, and one of the guys she was working with really wanted one of the puppies. She saved the dog for him, only to find out later that he'd been killed.

  • Debby Moore  |  Vietnam  |  Army Special Services  |  4:56

    While in Vietnam, Debby Moore worked with plenty of orphans, some of whom she got fairly attached to. She remembers one tragic moment when she encountered a young girl who had her hands cut off. She was told that the Viet Cong did that to her after her family said they had no rice to give them.

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