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Charles Vicari | Multiple Units - Marines

5:00   |   In 1951, Charles Vicari returned to duty after recovering from the wound he received in Korea. His enlistment was up in a matter of months, but he didn't find civilian life to his liking so he re-enlisted. When 1965 rolled around, he had a plum post, but President Johnson decided he was needed in Vietnam.

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  • Charles Vicari  |  Vietnam  |  1st Marine Division  |  5:35

    As he waited to step foot in Vietnam for the first time, Charles Vicari was obsessed with the thought of stepping in a punji pit. Then he jumped off the helicopter punji pit. Once he was over that, he settled into his role as mortar platoon sergeant.

  • Charles Vicari  |  Vietnam  |  1st Marine Division  |  5:19

    It was different from any other war in Vietnam. There were no front lines and the enemy could be anywhere. That's what Charles Vicari had to deal with as a Marine gunnery sergeant. He was also perplexed by the people he was there to help, like the Vietnamese militia member who wanted compensation for something that the Viet Cong did.

  • Charles Vicari  |  Vietnam  |  1st Marine Division  |  5:10

    Charles Vicari already had experience in a Headquarters and Service company, so when he was offered the job as H&S gunnery sergeant while he was in Vietnam, he jumped at the chance. If they wanted him to not get shot at, it was fine with him.

  • Charles Vicari  |  Vietnam  |  Multiple Units  |  5:32

    When he got near the end of his Vietnam tour, Charles Vicari could not sleep, so the medical officer gave him some medication. This became a problem one night, when a mortar barrage came in. When his time was up, he finished up a career in the Marines in a much less dangerous North Carolina.

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